Before and After Installation

Before and After Installation


The operator shall install this product correctly and properly. Before installation, please read the instructions carefully.

• When installing this product, the operator shall wear gloves to avoid the risk of hand injury. The upper holder used in this shock must be K-Sport's original component. This shock absorbers may not be compatible with the upper holder of other brands.

• K-Sport shall not take any liability for damage to the shock or accidents that are caused by connecting the upper holder of other brands with this shock.

• Be sure to observe local relevant vehicle regulations about usage of adjustable shock absorbers. (For example, height limit, headlight ground clearance limit)

• K-Sport shall hold no liability for any violation against local vehicle regulations or laws.

• According to the installation instructions, avoid uneven road surface and driving at low speed.

• Ensure that components of the product are not loosened or oil is not leaking.

• Tighten all components with specified torque periodically.

• When a suitable height is determined it shall be tested and calibrated on straight line.

• The vehicle should go to a specified workshop or a commissioned vehicle calibration center to adjust the calibration.