• This document is not permitted to be copied in full or partly or to print out.

• Removing and installation of relevant brake parts will require specialized technology, and installation of this product shall be performed by qualified professional technicians.


 • K-Sport will take no liability for any accident, damage or death caused by improper installation of this product or using parts not supplied by our company, or retrofitting this product without our permission.

• Do not install this product in vehicles other than those models specified in user's manual.


Please read the instructions before installation.

• Before installing this product please read the installation instructions very carefully.

• Before installing this product, ensure all necessary components are available.

• Please ensure all K-Sport's components on the shock body have been secured tightly.

Components that shall be truly secured are: nuts, nuts on eye, upper holder, bracket holder, bolts with horn adjuster (if supplied), and any other parts. Be sure to tighten bolts on upper holder and angular tube of bracket holder.