Production Description

Production Description

When getting this production, please read this description as follows:

1. Kits include:

a. 2 X Brake calipers with either 6 or 8 pot (pistons)

b. 2 X Brake discs

c. 2 X Caliper mounting brackets

d. 4 X Brake pads

e. 2 X Brake hydraulic hoses

f. 1 X Workbag

g. X Brochure

2. When opening the box, please note and see if there are any kits (a-f) missing. If you have those problems, please feel free to contact your retailer immediately.

3. Before fitting the brake system, a. you have to make sure the measurement of the bolt hose for brake disc and the measurement of the bolt for your caliper mounting bracket are the same. (pic I) b. ensure the central point of the brake disc and that of the brake disc mounting match.(pic B and pic C) c. you have to check that the size of the two holes for the caliper mounting bracket and the hub are the same. (pic F) d. You have to check to be sure the size of the brake hydraulic hose joint connecting to your vehicle is the same as the original joint. (pic H). Normally, the brake hydraulic hose length which is supplied is longer.

4. Please absolutely verify each step mentioned above then fit the brake system. Returning the goods is unacceptable once the brake system has been fit on the vehicle or any scratches on the goods have occurred.

5. Upon fitting the brake system correctly, you have to run your vehicle around 10 to 20 miles. Please note and see and hear if there is any unusual noise and/or vibration. Please check that all bolts are tightened.

6. It is important that new discs and pads are allowed to bed properly for around 300 to 400 miles, during which time you should avoid excessive or hard braking, as this may cause overheating and/or warping of the discs which will seriously affect braking performance.

7. The product is meant to increase braking performance. In order to obtain optimum performance, our brake pads and brake discs are made from particularly tough material. It is common for a weak squeal of brakes and this will void the warranty.

8. The brake system is the most important safety system in your car, hence any brake modifications must be carried out by mechanics licensed and experienced in the installation of the brake system.

9. It is very important for fitting the brake system to have practical experience. Please communicate with licensed technician to qualify the safety. If any problems happen, the installer has to take all responsibilities for them. We only indemnify the value of products.

10. The fitting methods of brake hydraulic hoses may vary on each vehicle. The technician has to make sure of the angle and the position and/or turn the tires back and forth and vibrate your vehicle to ensure the brake hydraulic hose won’t be dragged and be damaged by your tires. You should fit the brake hydraulic hose by approved methods.

11. Fitting the brake caliper, please note that the bleed nipple (pic M) should be upturned. Please remember the air in the brake fluid should absolutely exhausted.

12. It is recommended that the new brake pads and the brake disc are applied during the same application when replacing the worn ones.

13. You can choose the same applications but different parts by manufacturers, such as AP, FERODO, MINTEX, CARBON METALLIC…. The warranty is void if damaging for discs.

14. Our discs are all qualified by balance testing. Normally, there are some snicks on the discs. You cannot drill a hole and/or snicks in brake disc unless brake disc lacks balance.

15. The production of OE hub for each vehicle all has tolerances (pic F). When the hubs are in conflict with the discs, it is possible to alter the hub.

16. 99% of brake hydraulic hose joints connecting to the vehicle are either raised-type or concave-type (pic H). If you figure out the joint cannot connect to your vehicle, please use the proper adapting joint (pic N) in the workbag to connect onto.

17. Please replace the brake pads when a minimum of 3mm of pad material is left on the pad. Please replace the brake disc when a minimum of 30.5mm of brake disc is left.

18. Do not use SILICONE brake fluid.

19. This product is special design for racing and particular propose and cannot be used for street. You have to change the OE wheel.