Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting

Fluid Leaking

• Please check if the joint of the brake hydraulic hose has any foreign bodies or wrong specification. (raised-type or concave-type)

• It is normal to see a small amount of oil sludge around bleed nipples. If obvious oil leaking is found, disassemble and cleanse the screws, then refit them.

• Brake systems must be sent back to the original manufacturer if excessive use of it leads the piston to leak oil.

Vibration on driving

• The brake discs and brake discs mounting do not closely fit together at their central aperture. Add a ring of iron to improve that.

• Take out the brake disc, then revolve it 90o and put it back. • If the car’s bushing is worn, please replace it with a new one. • Brake systems do not lock-in tightly themselves.

• Please use the power stabilizer to test and improve.

• The maximum disc run out must be no more than 0.10 mm (0.004"). The brake discs are handed, therefore it is important to refer to the disc brake identification sheet attached to ensure that the discs are mounted to the correct side of the car.

Vibration on braking

• If the brake disc is overused or when it, in high temperature, gets wet in water, both of the two above conditions will lead to deformation of the brake disc. It must be replaced with new one.

• If the car’s bushing is worn, please replace it with new one.

Unusual noise

• When you drive forward and brake, it will lead to a loud noise. When you reverse, it will also lead to a loud noise. Noise caused by both of the two above conditions result from the incomplete installation of anti-rattle clips.

• It is normal to hear soft sharp noise when you brake. Use anti-noise wax.