Warranty includes any fault in production. After our examination, it shows that most brake systems’ problems (failures) result not from production fault, but from consumers’ misuse or improper installation. Any warranty claim is subject to our examination results. The warranty is void if:

1. The disc face shows blue/purple marks, meaning overheating.

2. Brake discs crack owing to misuse or braking at high speed.

3. While you are washing the car or the car is wading through water, brake systems under high temperature get wet, which will lead to deformation of brake discs and vibration.

4. Soft sharp noise.

5. Overuse of brake, and excessive wear of brake pads and brake discs.

All costs of transportation are born by the customer when the products are sent back to the original manufacturer for overhaul during its warranty period. After our examination, no matter if the responsibility (who leads to the failure in the product) comes from the buyer or seller, the manufacturer (the seller) is responsible for sending the product back to the buyer by sea transportation. During the maintenance period, if it inconveniences you not to have your car driven, the warranty does not cover this part.